21 DAY

The 21 Day Food Waste Challenge is your guide to unlocking new food saving habits. Do one challenge a day to learn how you can be better informed and actively prevent food waste.

Each challenge helps you learn more about food storage and saving, organize your kitchen and life to reduce food loss, and ways you can take action to stop food waste before it happens. For best results, share your progress and help inspire others to #stopfoodwaste.

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Happy Saving!

1. reorganize your fridge to be FIFO (first in, first out)
2. learn the difference between expiry and best before dates
3. repurpose or get food storage containers
4. freeze your leftovers
5. learn what food you can freeze and cannot freeze
6. start storing scraps in the freezer
7. learn alternative methods to preserve food
8. plan ahead and make a shopping list
9. prepare and store produce to preserve freshness and longevity
10. ensure products are air-tight so they don’t go stale
11. label jars and containers to track “open” dates
12. learn how to make homemade stock
13. repurpose food to treat yourself to a home spa
14. shop for products that are multi-purpose
15. record your waste using Trendi’s food waste diary
16. learn how to regrow food instead of composting
17. create a meal out of leftovers or scraps
18. learn what foods nourish gardens
19. use scraps to make home-made cleaning products
20. shop clearance produce and misfit fruits and veggies
21. share your efforts and commitment to #stopfoodwaste