What is the purpose of The Pledge?

The Pledge to Stop Food Waste is intended to make food waste reduction part of a lifestyle, to raise awareness, introduce food wasters to innovative solutions, and  encourage more long-term, sustainable operations. The Pledge provides, and is currently developing, resources which empower all stakeholders, from individuals to families, from small businesses to large, organizations of all sizes, including producers and more, to take action and make a difference. By creating community focusing on food waste heroes, generally raising awareness about food waste, and providing a platform to share daily food waste reduction tips, this movement provides an additional solution to the common goal of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030, a UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

How was The Pledge created?

Recognizing that food waste is a multi-faceted problem, Trendi’s mission goes beyond reducing food waste at the production stage. Starting with our internal team of misfits, we have created a community of food waste heroes and rescuers. To further grow this community, we created The Pledge to Stop Food Waste, to empower community action and engage partners, stakeholders and any actor within the food waste ecosystem.

Is there a way for me to share my own tricks & tips?

As new food waste heroes are completing the 21 Day Food Waste Challenge, learning new tricks, and developing their own, they will be encouraged to share their efforts and initiatives on social media with the hashtag #stopfoodwaste. This will encourage participants to explore how others are doing in their food waste reduction journey and will strengthen community awareness and relationships. Let’s bring the conversation online!

The Pledge will also provide an opportunity for participating partners to showcase their efforts and sustainability initiatives on The Pledge website itself, our social platforms, and our newsletter Eat it!

How else can I get involved?

Want to increase the impact of your food waste reduction? Share The Pledge with your friends and family, and help grow the community. 

Are you interested in collaborating, partnering or learning more? Please reach out via the contact page! Suggestions are always welcome.

Who can pledge?

Absolutely anyone! Whether you are a producer, business, or consumer, the goal of The Pledge is to support everyone in their food waste reduction journey. Participants are able to customize their own Pledge! By doing so, they are empowered to tailor their commitments to their own lifestyle and capacity, and in that way maximize their impact!